Overdrive City Review: Another Standard City Builder Tycoon?

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City Builders are one of the addictive game types for a mobile phone, which could be the reason why there are so many out there. Building your own massive city, managing resources, expanding, and playing a story are some regular things that these games like to offer. 

While I played Simpsons Springfield, I opened it literally every hour to see what I can do next or to customize my city even more. I was really addicted to this game.

But in this review, I take a closer look at Overdrive City’s game design, aspects, monetization, and long term potential. But enough of this, let’s see what this game has to offer. 

Is Overdrive City just another city builder? 

Overdrive City - City Overview

The game shows many similarities to other city building games, but let’s be real, every city builder has similarities to each other. When we start the game for the first time, a nice lady introduces you to the basics of the game. But she’s not as other people will follow up, adding new mechanics from time to time. 

Like in all city builders, we have to build our first buildings after a short time. And here comes the first difference to other city tycoons; we don’t build regular buildings, we build car manufacturers, battery plants, industrial buildings, body shops, and more. Increasing your player level unlocks new buildings, achievements, cars, and more. 

Overdrive City - Body Plant

But expanding your manufacturing city isn’t the only thing that you can do. While playing, you can see many small cars driving around your town, and some of them need a service. But doing a service on cars costs parts, that you have to produce first, which integrates the production system of the game pretty well. (Some of the vehicles in your city have presents for you if you tap on them, so watch out for them)

Note: The number of resources that are required to complete service can vary widely. So if a car needs to many parts, I send them away and wait for the next one. Also, take a closer look at what you will get (Exp and credits) by completing a service. 

Overdrive City - Racing Feature

Speaking of cars, you can collect up to 50 different cars from BMW, Nissan, VW, and more at the moment. These cars can also be customized a little bit and used to race on a track. However, there is no steering or gear shifting. The only things you have to do is tap and hold on your screen to accelerate and release to break. 

Note: If don’t break, your car will crash into walls or other objects, and loses speed. So break at the right moment, to make a perfect turn. 

Winning races enable you to collect blueprints for cars that you can unlock by collecting a specific amount of them and research points. Blueprints can be bought in the research center for research points. By entering the race trials (unlocked at level 8), you can complete missions for specific cars, to unlock new cars, getting research points, and more.

Overdrive City - Unlockable Content

However, you can’t enter as many races as you want. Taking a race costs you one key, and if you run out of them, you have to service cars in the garage or get them from these mini cars that drive around your city.

Over time, your city will grow, and you have to expand into new areas; however, there are many trees, rocks, or smaller bushes in your way. Unlike many other games, we need special tools, like chainsaws or axes for specific trees, bushes, or rocks. The problem is, getting them, as they can’t be produced. When you’re finished producing a resource like blots, there is a chance that you also get an ax, or something else.

Note: As blots only need two minutes to produce, they are excellent to farm these special items. You can also sell your resources to other players to make some credits or buy resources if you cant produce them yet.

Overdrive City - Decorative Buildings

To customize the city, you can place new roads, build a racetrack, change the ground style (snow, grass, sand, or water), place trees, decorative buildings, signs, or showcased cars. But thats not all, as there are many smaller things that you can build, to build your city as you want.

If some of your friends play this game too, you can add them to your friend list too. This enables you to visit their town to see what they currently work on. 

 What do you get for your money in Overdrive City? 

Overdrive City - In-game Cash

Overdrive City is a F2P game, so it doesn’t cost you any money to play it. But Gameloft build in some opportunities to spend your money on. The first is that you can buy different packages or bundles that include cash, cars, blueprints, or resources. 

Buying credits or cash in separate packages is also available, but prices can go up to $80. So these packages are pretty expensive. Cash is the main currency of the game, so it is a rare resource. 

The game is designed to spend your cash, especially if you want to be as productive as you can. A lot of resource-producing buildings only have two or three slots (of 5 or 6) that you can use, and unlocking new slots cost around 10 cash. 

If you want to use decorations a lot, you probably need to spend some cash too. But is it necessary to spend money on the game? No, there is no need for this. You can get very far in the game without spending a dime on it. 

The prices in Overdrive are pretty expensive, but if you enjoy this game and want to support the developers, feel free to spend a few bucks.

Is this game playable for a long time? 

Overdrive City - Vehicle Upgrading

Overdrive City has good potential to entertain you for quite some time, but there are some unused opportunities. In the beginning, I ran out of storage for my resources pretty quickly, which was extremely annoying. To upgrade the storage space, I needed to spend a lot of cash or special items that drop very rarely.

If you enjoy these types of games, I’m sure that Overdrive City can entertain you for some time, especially if you like cars. Speaking of cars, it would be nice to see more brands in this game, like Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, or Ferrari. 

However, the actual city-building gameplay doesn’t feel very different from other games that I have played in the past. But Overdrives setting and additional features give it a unique charm that I like a lot.

Overdrive City - Tutorial Section

I have this game for a few days on my phone now, and I take a look at it every few hours. Until then, every resource should be produced, and I can service a few cars, checking my resource storage, setting up the production, and do a few races.

I’m not the best builder, and it’s not my focus to build the prettiest city on the planet. What I’m searching for is a game that entertains and hooks me. And Overdrive City does a pretty good job at it.

Last words:

Can I recommend this game after playing it for a while? Yes, I recommend giving Overdrive a shot if you didn’t played this game previously. It offers excellent graphics, new mechanics, and a lot of potential for the future (updates). I will keep this game on my smartphone for a while, and play it besides my main games Summoners War, and One Piece Treasure Cruise.

But before you leave, did you play this game before? If you did, please share your experience with me and others down in the comments!

?? Pros of Overdrive City:?? Cons of Overdrive City:
Good graphicsThere are some bigger bugs still in the game
F2P friendlyThe game has problems with crashes (14th March 2020)
Different from other city builders
Fun to play
No in-game ads

More screenshots from the game:

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