How Much Are Gamer Glasses?

When it comes to gaming accessories and equipment, there are a lot of useful things available that make gaming more comfortable. Gaming glasses are one of them, protecting our eyes, but as there are many them on the market, how much are good gaming glasses?

On average, gaming glasses cost between $10 and $40. Cheaper glasses cost between $20 to $30, while high-end models from Gunnar, which filter 65% of harmful blue light, cost up to $80. Special or limited editions from Gunnar cost between $99.99 and $129.99.

There are many gaming glasses available on the market, so it can be challenging to figure out the right one for your budget. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of gaming glasses and how you can pick a good one that won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet. 

Average Cost of Gaming Glasses

The average cost of gaming glasses sets at $10 to $50, many of them at a price range of $16 to $30. There are also pairs that cost +$60, such as models from Gunnar, HyperX, or Swans.

Spending less on a pair of glasses will give you a model that you can use, but may not have the best quality material of a more expensive version. Spending more enables you to get a model with better materials and glasses, filtering up to 87% of harmful blue light.

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Factors That Influence the Cost of Gaming Glasses

In general, the price of gaming glasses reflects the quality of the product. How much you’re willed to spend on a model will depend on what material the frame should be made of and how much harmful blue light should be filtered.

There are factors that influence how much a model of gaming glasses will cost: 

Material: Most gaming glasses are made out of plastic or metal. Cheaper models tend to rely on plastic, while more expensive glasses feature full-metal frames for increased durability, stability, and comfort. This makes them the right choice for people since they see so much repetitive use for hours at a time.

Filter Quality: The quality of the lenses is crucial for a pair of gamer glasses. Generally, more expensive glasses filter a higher percentage of harmful blue light compared to less expensive options. 

Brand: Getting a product from a well-known brand like Gunner usually means that you have to pay a premium price for the reputation you’re buying with it. Standard, less expensive gaming glasses may can be purchased from overseas or from the same retailer (Amazon, for instance), but they tend to be less durable than branded products. 

Also, if there are problems with the product, you could run into issues if you want to send it back.

Reasons to Get Gaming Glasses

If you sit in front of a monitor all day long, or just for a couple of hours, your eyes will get confronted with a lot of blue light, resulting in straining eyes. 

Eyestrain is a common condition that occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use, such as while driving long distances or staring at computer screens and other digital devices.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Eyestrain may not have serious or long-term consequences, but it can be aggravating and unpleasant. Gaming glasses can prevent eyestrain by filtering a large portion of harmful blue light that would reach your eye.

To make it clear which symptoms eyestrain has, here are all common signs for eyestrain:

Sore, tired, burning or itching eyesSore neck, shoulders, or back
Watery or dry eyesIncreased sensitivity to light
Blurred or double visionDifficulty concentrating
HeadacheFeeling that you cannot keep your eyes open

Here are a few things gamer glasses can do:

  • Prevent eyestrain
  • Prevent dry eyes 
  • Reduce glare
  • Improve clarity
  • Reduce reflections from monitors
  • Prevent headaches

What to look for in Gaming Glasses?

If you want to buy a pair of gaming glasses for yourself or your gaming buddies, there are a few things you should take into consideration before making the final purchase decision.

Here are some of the things you should look for when you’re shopping for gaming glasses: 

Frame out of metal or high-quality plastic materialsQuality glasses which filter a high percentage of blue light
Stable baseSize
Light-weight design

There are many pairs of gaming glasses for sale online that offer all features listed above. Here are a few of the best gaming glasses you can find on the market: 

Are Gaming Glasses worth it?

If you sit a long time in front of a screen and suffer from dry eyes, headaches, or eyestrain, gaming glasses could be the ideal solution, right?

Well, there are things you can do by yourself to prevent eyestrain, such as activating the night-mode on your device or simply taking a break. Gaming glasses are worth it if your eyes are exposed to harmful blue light for a long time, and traditional methods to prevent eyestrain don’t work as expected.

Eyestrain, dry eyes, difficulty concentrating, or headaches are not pleasing at all, so investing a small chunk of money is recommended if you suffer from these symptoms. Decent models with good quality are already available at $30, so they are still cheaper than proper sunglasses.

I also suffer from eyestrain, dry, watery, and tired eyes, as I spend most of my time after work in front of two monitors. After suffering a few years from those symptoms, I finally made the decision to buy one for myself. And it worked; less eyestrain!! Other people also reported that gaming glasses work.

Please note that it is recommended to invest in a quality pair of glasses instead of saving money on a model, which tends to perform worse.

Related Questions:

What are the best gamer glasses?

One of the best and well-known gaming glasses is the Riot/Onyx by Gunnar, as it filters 65% of harmful blue light, is extremely light-weight (only 36,8g), and quite durable. Also, it only costs $40-$50 on Amazon, making it very affordable.

Does Walmart sell gaming glasses?

You can get gaming glasses from Gunnar and other brands from Walmart; however, they may not have your desired model in your local store. For shopping, I recommend searching your desired model in the online store and let it ship to your door. 

What are Gamer Glasses used for?

Gaming glasses are designed for gamers to prevent eyestrain and other related symptoms, such as dry, sore, tired-, burning, or itching eyes. Gaming glasses are also be used by office workers to prevent eyestrain and to protect their eyes.

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