Dash Quest 2 Review – A 16-Bit Hack And Slash Adventure

When the weather is not very appealing, people like to stay inside and spend their time elsewhere. Many of them choose games to cut some time, especially on mobile devices, as they do not require a whole gaming setup. Today, I want to take a look at Dash Quest 2, which I found some time ago in the Google Play store.

Dash Quest 2 is the follow up from the original Dash Quest, with tons of new content. In the game, we play as a lone hero called Dash, who was called to save the world from the nefarious Lich and his dark forces (classic 16-bit arcade action). The endless runner with hack-and-slash mechanics comes with +70 levels and additional content like raids, but more about that later. Let’s take a look at the gameplay at first!

The Gameplay – Its time to slash some monsters:

If we combine an endless runner with hack-and-slash components, the result would be Dash Quest 2. The gameplay is super simple and only contains a few mechanics that are easy to understand. The game introduces us to these mechanics in the beginning: If we tap with our finger on the left side on our screen, we can block incoming attacks for a short time. And when we tap on the right side, we swing our weapon to attack our enemies. Simple right?

In addition to that, we can also use different skills to clear our way from incoming monsters. In the beginning, we only start with one skill, a simple sword strike that eliminates monsters even from a great distance. By completing more and more levels, we can unlock a lot of new skills that we can equip at the main screen.  

By the way, you can also charge up a sword strike, by tap and hold on your screen. You will then see a blue bar appear, and if it is charged up, you can release it. 

But this game is not that easy as it may seem in the beginning. The more levels we complete, the stronger monsters become, and blocking their attacks needs decent timing. If we get hit too many times, our health will go down to zero, and we have to start over again. 

Note: When we got defeated, Dash Quest offers us three options to come back to life; the first one is to spend a few crystals to get resurrected with full health. The second option is to watch a video ad to get revived with half of our health, and the third option is to use a free revive (only available by buying the VIP Gold Pass). If you choose not to use any of these options, you have to spend your valuable energy.

After we completed some levels, we have to defeat a powerful boss at the end of a level. These bosses have much more health and can kill us with a few hits if we don’t manage to block them in time. In addition to that, they have their own attack pattern, so each boss is different. 

Getting used to their pattern probably takes a few tries, or you are good enough to dodge them (unlike me). When you only have a few hp left when you enter the boss fight, you could use a potion to restore a decent amount of health. However, we do not have unlimited amounts of them, so choose the right moment to use them.

By completing any type of level, we will get rewarded with some extra gold coins, that we can spend to buy better gear or to upgrade or enchant our skills. By purchasing new and better equipment, we can increase multiple of our stats, like ATK, HP, DEF, and more. However, the better the gear we want, the more expensive it gets. For example, the third weapon that we can buy (Novice Staff) costs 650 gold. On the other hand, the most costly weapon that is currently available (Legend) costs 260,000 gold.

Besides our gear and abilities, we can collect relics that buff our stats, and enhance our skills and stats through a skill tree. The higher our character level, the more options we unlock, and by collecting points (by clearing levels), we can increase the level of our skills. If you do not like how you skilled all the abilities, there is an option to reset everything by spending some gold (not very expensive).

On the main screen, where we can see all the different levels, we can choose between three difficulties we want to play on; Normal, Hard, and Heroic. By playing on a higher difficulty, we will get rewarded with more gold coins after completing a level. Also, the overall difficulty of each level increases too, so it does not get too easy for you.

Note: Besides the normal levels, the developers added new content called daily raids, which we can challenge at the event menu. Raids contain multiple levels, and in the end, we have to fight against a random boss. If we complete the entire raid, we can get a decent amount of gold coins.

When we take everything together, Dash Quest 2 looks like a fantastic game, to cut some time. I played now for quite some time, and I love the simplicity of the game and the challenges it throws up to me. 

The boss fights are the hardest ones in the game, but even regular stages can be difficult if we have not the best gear at that time. Overall, it is enjoyable to play.

Visuals of a 16-bit arcade game:

As already mentioned in the beginning, Dash Quest 2 and even the first game Dash Quest 1 look like an arcade game, with beautiful 16-bit graphics. Our character and all the different monsters and bosses we face look fantastic, and all the skill animations look great too.

But not only that, the level design is not just a straight road, as it has curves too. Also, we go through forests, cities, swamps, and jungles, which create a unique atmosphere. The soundtrack, which plays in the background sounds great, but I would wish that there would be other ones too, so it does not get very repetitive.

How about the in-game monetization? 

The developers decided to use multiple strategies to make some money from their game, which is understandable as creating and maintaining a game costs a lot of money. At first, they use video advertisements that get placed after we played a few levels, and can take a few seconds. This is very common in the F2P game genre, but we can remove these ads by buying their VIP pass. 

Speaking of which, the VIP Gold Pass uses a subscription system, which means you have to pay for a set period (one week, one year, or one month). One week costs about 2€, one month already costs 6,49€ and one year of VIP costs you 10,99€. But by buying this premium subscription, you will get some buffs:

  • Double enemy gold
  • Double exp
  • 3 free revives daily
  • Double energy recharge
  • No random ads

Another way on how they make money from the game is the in-game shop, where we can buy more energy, gold, or entire bundles. Depending on the bundle or package that you consider to buy, it can cost you up to 100€. 

By seeing all these options to spend money on, is it really necessary to spend money on Dash Quest 2? Nope, it is not required to spend money on the game, to clear all the levels. Sure, we probably need to play some levels again to collect some gold, but I see it as a part of the game. 

However, if you don’t want to grind for gold, you could consider buying a package in the store or the VIP pass to get double gold drops.

What are the cons of Dash Quest 2:

This game is very entertaining and is a lot of fun to play, but some points should be improved to make this game even better. The first thing is the energy system of Dash Quest 2. Whenever we play a new level, we have to spend some energy, like in many other games like Summoners War

However, we do not have a lot of energy in the beginning, so we run out pretty quickly. Also, to regenerate one energy, we need to wait 5 minutes, which is too long. At level 25, entering a level costs 6 energy, so we have to wait 30 minutes to enter just one level.

If there would be an option to decrease this time, it should be implemented.

The next issue is the overall amount of content that is in the game. To clear all the 71 levels, we only need a few days on normal difficulty. Besides the two other difficulty levels, raids are not a game-changing addition, which brings back older players.

A suitable solution to this problem would be to add new content (levels/events) regularly, so players have something to play for.

The final verdict about Dash Quest:

Dash Quest needs a bit more content, but that does not mean that the game is not worth playing. I highly recommend giving this game a try, too see if it fits your needs in terms of entertainment. The only thing that I can say is that it entertained me very well, and I’m already looking forward to completing all the levels at heroic difficulty.

Last but not least, if you played Dash Quest 2 already, feel free to share your opinion about the game, and how your stats currently are. 

?? Pros of Dash Quest 2:?? Cons of Dash Quest 2:
Fun to playLacks a bit of content
F2P friendly Energy needs too much time to restore
Lots of different weapons and gear
Fantastic visuals
Easy to learn

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