Bullet League Review: Best Mobile Battle Royale Out There?

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Battle royale is probably the popular game mode out there since H1Z1, PUBG, or Fortnite launched on console and Pc. This mode was so popular that even mobile games launched with it. I didn’t play this mode that often, but today, I want to take a closer look at Bullet League in this review.

Bullet League is an action platformer in which you have to face 31 other players around the world in a battle royale game mode. The game got developed by Funday Factory, and it released on the 11th March of 2020. 

Before I started this game for the first time, I read through a subreddit from a developer of the game, and the game performed pretty well in its early access phase too. So, let’s see how the game plays now, after a year of development.


Gameplay and performance:

I didn’t play many action platformers, especially on mobile, since gatcha games are my current favorites. But when I saw it on the Google Play store, it caught my eye. So after downloading the game, I got thrown into the tutorial, which is not a tutorial. To be correct, it was a bot match, so new players can learn how they move around, shoot and win the game.

At first, I had some problems with my movement and aiming, but after two matches, everything worked well. I played a few games of battle royale (solo), so there were 31 other players that I had to defeat. When I read through the subreddit, I thought that the lobbies would lag consistently, as 32 player lobbies are pretty big for a mobile game. However, Bullet League performed pretty well.

Bullet League - In-game overview

Currently, lobbies lag a bit from time to time, but this doesn’t decrease the gameplay experience as much. The map you play on is also not that small. There are many areas with different designs, so the circle can take place in a different place than in other matches. Like in other action platformers, jumping around is an essential part of the gameplay.

If we want to get on a higher position, we often have to do small parkours to get there, but this depends on your current location. There are also areas with wooden planks you can go through to get on a lower level. 

The controls are super simple and easy to understand. On the left bottom corner, you have a joystick to move around, and on the right bottom corner, there is a second joystick to aim and shoot with. Besides the right joystick, there is a small arrow that you can use to jump.

Bullet League - How to play

Having a higher position enables you to control a fight better, but in this game, players like to leave you and find another opponent. So camping doesn’t work at all, as there is a zone that comes closer and deals damage. This makes sure that matched have a fast pace, and people run around consistently. Hiding in a bush or in a secret wall is an excellent opportunity to surprise your enemies, which works pretty well from time to time.

Across the map, you can find many different weapons (currently 8), but they don’t have full ammo. To get more ammo for your weapons, you need to pick-up the same weapon. If you face an opponent, there is a high chance that you also receive some damage. Luckily, weapons are not the only things that lie around on the map, you can find medic packs and shield packs too. 

After a few seconds of the match, a cryo drop will appear on a random location of the map that contains powerful items. But you can’t just open the chest and pick what you want. You have to break the ice first, and after that, you can loot.

Bullet League - In game overview #2

The same goes for if you want to collect crates to build with (yes, thats also a feature of the game). Find a big purple crystal and stand next to him. After a few seconds, your character will start breaking the crystal, and you get some crates.

Note: During my matches, I didn’t focus on getting crates, as these can be picked up from defeated opponents too. 

When the game ends (hopefully your the number 1), the game rewards you with keys and trophies based on your rank. By collecting keys and trophies, you can get loot boxes, which contain blueprints, characters, crates, kill trophies, gems, or coins. If you get enough blueprints for a weapon, you can upgrade it to increase its stats.

Bullet League - Power up weapons

Note: When a weapon reaches specific levels ( 8 and 16), it unlocks new traits, like increased mag size, faster bullets, increased explosion damage, or extra bullets per shot. 

Leveling up your arsenal enables you to deal a lot more damage to other players, which can result in more wins for you, or your team. Speaking of teams, there are three modes available at the moment; solo, squad-random, and friend brawl.

Most of the time, I played solo matches, but playing with two other people is also a heck of fun (especially if we win the game). 

Bullet League is the best action platformer I’ve played so far, but the connection problems it currently has are a bit annoying. However, I’m sure that this issue gets fixed over time.

Monetization and in-game advertisements:

Bullet League - In-game purchases

Bullet League is an entirely F2P game, but Funday Factory builds in some ways to make some money. The first monetization method they use is in-game (video) advertisements that appear from time to time after a match ends. These are regular 30-second advertisements for games or something else. You can watch these ads to get free loot boxes too.

Luckily, they don’t appear after every match, so I don’t interrupt the gameplay too much.

The second way is that you can buy gems for real money in the shop section. There are six packages available, each offering a specific amount of gems. The prices of these six packages vary from a few dollars, up to $100. Gems are the main currency of Bullet League, and they can be used to buy coins or boxes.

Bullet League - VIP Pass

The third option that you have is to buy their VIP package, which costs $3.04 for 7 days, and $6.08 for 30 days. Purchasing the VIP pass gives you some extra bonuses, like:

  • A daily reward of 25 gems
  • 2 extra daily missions
  • 2x keys from each battle
  • Golden username
  • Access to VIP boxes with time-exclusive skins

Spending money on the game, enables you to get more keys (climbing ranks faster) and chests, so you can upgrade your weapons much more quickly than others that spend no money. Having higher-ranked weapons is a significant advantage, as you can deal more damage per shot.

Note: You can get extra keys by completing daily missions!

But is Bullet League pay2win? I would say no. If a person spends a lot of money on the game, but can’t land his shots, you can still win a fight. This game is very skill-based, so simply learning how to play makes sure you can win battles (even the unfair ones).

Note: You could lead other people to him, so they fight, and you finish them off when they are low, or only one is left. There are many tactics that we could use to win.

Bullet League’s progression system:

Bullet League - Trophy Road

To keep people playing the game, the developers integrated a trophy road in the game. By reaching specific amounts of trophies, you get special rewards like characters, gems, boxes, and more. Trophy roads are a good thrive for people to play the game over a long period and unlocking the skin they want.

As I’m writing this Bullet League review, the trophy road ends at 5.970 points. This is a good number since we only get around 10 to 20 trophies per game. Besides this, upgrading your weapons not only makes them stronger, but they also increase your player level.

Every time you reach a new level, your character gets more hp and shield. But the higher your level, the longer it takes to level up.

Visuals and sounds of Bullet League:

Funday Factory decided to choose a cartoonish style for their game, and I have to say: it looks amazing! Everything looks very colorful and appealing, the effects are well-done, and the animations also look pretty good.

There is also an option to customize your loadout, so if you’re tired of a kill trophy, simply change it to another (17 available). Same with your crates and characters. If you don’t have any new ones yet, open a few boxes, and eventually you get something new from it.

But not only the visuals are well done, but the background music is also fantastic. It fits the game to 100% (unlike in One Piece Bounty Rush). However, during games, there is no background music, so we can focus on the game.

In-game settings:

Bullet League - Settings

In the settings, we can change a few things, like the games language, server region, audio volumes, privacy options, and some controls. If you don’t want to drain your smartphone’s battery too fast, change the graphics to mid or low settings. 

To get the best server connection, make sure to change your server region, and I recommend only using the joystick for movement. There is the option to switch to a DPad, but it gets harder to move around properly. However, if you perform better with the DPad, feel free to change to it.

You can also jump using the joystick by selecting the option. Personally, I play with regular settings, but on mid-quality to save some battery.

Is Bullet League worth it?

Ohh yes, it is. I even like this game so much to say that it is the best action platformer I’ve ever played. Gameplay, visuals, sounds, and effects are on-point, and I’m happy that I have found it.

I hope Funday Factory keeps this game up to date and adds more skins, weapons, and crates to the game. So, I highly recommend giving this game a shot and download it on your android or iOS device (links below). 

But how about you? Did you play any action platformers or even Bullet League on mobile? If yes, share your experience with these games down in the comments!

?? Pros of Bullet League:?? Cons of Bullet League:
Fun to playConnection problems from time to time
F2P friendly
Awesome visuals, effects, and music
Large map
Progression system
Acceptable ad placement

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