Best Weapons In Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is one of the most interesting and difficult FPS/survival shooters that released over the last years. After its official release back on the 27th of August 2019, Crytek changed and introduced many weapons. They also introduced Custom Ammo to the game, making some weapons stronger and more useful.

Some of the best weapons in Hunt: Showdown are:

  1. Mosin-Nagant M1891
  2. Sparks LRR
  3. Dolch 96
  4. Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
  5. Winfield M1873C
  6. Romero 77
  7. Nagant M1895 Silencer with Poison Ammo

As in almost any other shooter, there are stronger and weaker weapons; however, every weapon can be deadly in Hunt. You see, the Winfield M1873C, the first weapon you play with, deals 110 damage to Hunters in its effective range. Because all Hunters have a max of 150 HP, you only need to land two shots to bring them down.

The same principle goes for almost any other weapon. If the enemy is in your weapon’s effective range, you sometimes only need one shot. Please note that headshots deal bonus damage, so even the default Nagant M1895 revolver one-hits.

But now, let us start with the list.

#1 Mosin-Nagant M1891

Unlock ConditionRank 72
Effective Range250m
Rate of Fire34rpm
Reload Speed3s
Muzzle Velocity615m/s

The Mosin-Nagant is one of the best medium to long-range weapons in Hunt: Showdown because of its high effective range, muzzle velocity, and damage. As it uses the long ammo type, bullets can penetrate thicker level objects, such as walls or planks easier than the other ammo types, small and medium.

In most cases, you should only need two hits to take out another player, one if you manage to hit the head. Because of the high muzzle velocity and damage per bullet, headshots kill from greater distances (compared to weapons with less damage and effective range), and you don’t need to correct your aiming too much. 

However, the Mosin also has a few disadvantages. First, whenever you reload, one cartridge will be ejected, then the character will start reloading. So, you lose one shot. To prevent that, players can equip the Bulletgrubber Trait, which costs 6 Trait points.

Another contra of the Mosin-Nagant is its ammo capacity of 5/10 bullets max (five in the chamber, ten spare). If there are enough ammo boxes around, this would not be a big problem; however, when fighting other players, you need to make every shot count.

#2 Sparks LRR

Unlock ConditionRank 26
Effective Range250m
Rate of Fire38rpm
Reload Speed4s
Muzzle Velocity533m/s

The Sparks LRR is one of the most popular medium/long-range weapons, with some similarities to the other single-shot rifles. Like the Mosin-Nagant M1991, the Lebel 1886, and the Martini-Henry IC1, the Sparks also uses long ammo, featuring better bullet penetration, a delayed damage-dropoff, and high muzzle velocity. 

Out of all rifles, the Sparks LRR deals the most damage per bullet, with a max of 149. However, compared to other medium/long-range weapons, she only has a rate of fire of 38. After each shot, the player has to reload for 4 seconds.

Because the Sparks almost eliminates every Hunter with one hit, players like to use a secondary with a high rate of fire, such as the Nagant M1895 Officer or Bornheim No. 3. Also, a popular combination is with the Caldwell Conversion to increase the max ammo capacity, as both use long ammo.

The main disadvantage of the Sparks is definitely its low rate of fire. In close combat, shotguns or other weapons with high rpm, like the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat have a significant advantage.

#3 Dolch 96 

Unlock ConditionRank 68
Effective Range86m
Rate of Fire164rpm
Reload Speed5s
Muzzle Velocity440m/s

Pistols can also be deadly in Hunt, as we can see with the Dolch 96. Despite its use of Special ammo, it can take down entire teams with ease. With a max damage of 110 and a high rate of fire of 164 rpm, other Hunters don’t have much time to react when you shoot at them. 

The Dolch 96 also has a decent muzzle velocity of 440m/s, so you do not need to aim too much ahead to hit the target. This weapon shines and dominates in close to medium range combats but also has a few disadvantages. 

First of all, like the Mosin-Nagant M1891, one cartridge will be ejected if the player reloads while there are still rounds in the magazine. To prevent the loss of a bullet, players can use Bulletgrubber. On the other hand, if the magazine is empty (and you have enough shots on spare), it can be reloaded fast with a ten-round stripper clip.

Note: The Dolch is one of the most expensive weapons in Hunt: Showdown, so prepare to save up some money.

#4 Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

Unlock ConditionCondition Unlock Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol; Earn 3000XP with any Caldwell Conversion Pistol variant
Effective Range96m
Rate of Fire40rpm
Reload Speed15s
Muzzle Velocity410m/s

Choosing the right sidearm for your loadout is crucial, as it will dictate how you can play. The Caldwell Conversion Uppercut (or simply Uppercut) is one of the best sidearms in the game, especially for players who play a close combat weapon as their primary.

Within its effective range, the Uppercut can deal 130 damage per shot, depending on which part of the body you hit. Despite the fact that it is also the only revolver that uses long ammo, it has a similar rate of fire and handling as the regular Caldwell revolver, but an increased recoil and slower reloading speed.

Medium to long-range fights are the Uppercut’s sweet spot because of the delayed damage-dropoff, high muzzle velocity, and base damage. On the other hand, winning close-range fights can be more difficult, as it takes longer to reload, and the recoil is more difficult to handle.

Note: With Fanning, you shouldn’t simply spam through, as most bullets will miss the target.

That said, it is still worth trying out the Uppercut in close-quarter situations, as you will one-hit injured Hunters on close range. Clicking heads is extremely satisfying with this thing.

#5 Winfield M1873C

Unlock ConditionRank 1
Effective Range95m
Rate of Fire50rpm
Reload Speed10s
Muzzle Velocity400m/s

The very first weapon every new player starts with (or after prestige) is a solid weapon of choice. The Winfield is a solid allrounder, which works great on every distance, and has many variations (Silencer, Marksman, Vandal, Vandal Striker, & Vandal Deadeye), so there is something for everyone. 

As mentioned earlier, the M1873C can deal up to 110 damage per shot, so two hits are enough on close range. The acceptable rate of fire of 50rpm and high muzzle velocity or 400m/s allows firefights with one or multiple enemy players on close to long distances, but you will need more hits compared to a Mosin-Nagant or Martini-Henry.

Even on Hunters within 25-50 meters, expect that you need 3-4 hits to bring them down, excluding headshots. Because the Winfield is a lever-action rifle, Levering is one of the best Traits to choose from. Basically, it is Fanning for rifles and increases the rate of fire from the hip.

#6 Romero 77

Unlock ConditionRank 1
Effective Range15m
Rate of Fire30rpm
Reload Speed10s
Muzzle Velocity450m/s

Shotguns in Hunt: Showdown are a big threat on close range but each bullet loses effectiveness every meter. Across all shotguns, the Romero 77 deals the most damage with one shot, which can surpass the 150 to 200 damage. This makes it also more reliable on “distance,” but you should stay as close as possible to the target.

However, if you miss your only shot, you have to switch to your sidearm as quickly as possible to still stand a chance of winning. If you tend to miss the first shot, I recommend trying out the Caldwell Rival 78, which can shoot two times before reloading.

#7 Nagant M1895 Silencer with Poison Ammo

Unlock ConditionCondition Unlock Nagant M1895 Precision; Earn 250XP with any Nagant M1895 variant
Effective Range56m
Rate of Fire40rpm
Reload Speed12s
Muzzle Velocity250m/s

If you primarily use your main weapon for PvP, the silenced Nagant with the new poison rounds should get your attention. You know, if you hit a Grunt with poison ammo, he will die instantly. Emulators will not die instantly, but they will not ignite (explode) if you shoot them. 

If you have trouble with all the different PvE monsters around you, you should give poison ammo a shot. Still, remember that your weapon will lose the ability to penetrate objects and deal less damage to Hunters. 


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